ACFAA Bulletin 05/2021

For all the latest updates on ACFAA, please click Bulletin 05/2021

ACFAA Bulletin 04/2020

For all the latest updates on ACFAA and our prize Christmas Quiz, please click Bulletin 04/2020

ACFAA Bulletin 03/2020

For all the latest updates on ACFAA, please click Bulletin 03/2020

ACFAA Bulletin 02/2020

The  issue of our Bulletin 02. Please click here Bulletin 02/2020

ACFAA Bulletin  01/2020

Welcome to the first edition of the ACFAA Bulletin. Our new publication contains information on recent activities and some of the events we have planned for the immediate future. To read more, please click here Bulletin 01/2020

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Presidents Newsletter - December 2019

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Presidents Newsletter - September 2019

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Presidents Newsletter - June 2019

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Presidents Newsletter - January 2019

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Presidents Newsletter  - November 2018
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