It is necessary to join ACFAA (see Adhesion/Membership) in order to enrol for a group.

The art group meets on Tuesday at 10.30 until 2.00 at the Centre des Loisirs in Eymet.

Bridge Classes take place at Floc'N Tea bar/restaurant in Lauzun on Friday afternoons

The Choir is open to all voices and abilities and meet once a week on Wednesday night at 8.00pm at the room over the Tourist Office in Eymet.

The group meets 10.30 – 12 o’clock on the last Friday of each month at the Centre de Loisirs, Eymet, except during school holidays. 

Line Dancing is held on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 am to 11:30 pm at the Salle de Fête near the Mairie in Agnac

ACFAA  photography group

ACFAA Friday afternoon games group.

Discover how to unlock your family tree.

Learn how to play  " Folk Guitar" to use as an accompaniment to singing folk songs.

Explore the history, culture and constitution of France.

Learn to play the ukulele for fun.