Group Leader: John Collyer


Play the Ukulele for fun.

2019/20 sees this really enthusiastic and successful group continue, playing the ukulele for fun. If you want an easy route to making music this could be for you.

I will teach newcomers and beginners a few chords and techniques to get you up and running, and very quickly joining the existing group in making music on this delightfully simple little instrument.

You will make music from day one (or very soon after)!

Once we have mastered a few basics of the Ukulele we will start to play (and sing) collectively simple songs and tunes. You do NOT need to know anything about the Ukulele, or music!


You will however need to have a playable Ukulele (not a toy one please), a music stand, and perhaps a tuner would be useful.  The group will be limited to 10 students.


For more information contact John Collyer