Group Leader - Tod Hedinger

This Group is for beginners and will be teaching basic Acol, the system favoured in the UK (It was developed by a Bridge Club, previously located on Acol Road, London, NW6 ) 

The lessons will be held on Tuesdays in the Floc'N Tea, 6 rue Marcel Hervé, Lauzun, starting at 10:30am, they will finish no later than midday. The first lesson this year will be on Tuesday 6th September. There will be about 30 minutes of lesson, followed by 1 hour or so playing prepared hands.

No prior skills or knowledge required, but attendees who have played whist will find the play easier, but will still need to learn how to bid. These lessons are intended to dispel some of the myths surrounding bridge, but will be challenging.

Ther will be a small fee of €1 per session for the use of Floc'N Tea.

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