Guitar Lesson run by John Collyer


Acoustic Folk Guitar (Intermediate level)

The aim of this course is to move on from and build on the basics of the "Folk Guitar", as used as an accompaniment to sing and play folk songs and tunes , typically from the folk revival era of the 60's.

This course assumes that you have some experience of playing a steel string acoustic guitar, either recently or in the dim and distant past and forgotten some or most that you knew. Or that you want to build on the skills you already have. But don’t worry! Playing guitar is a bit like riding a bike in that once learnt never forgotten.....just needs a bit of practice to blow off the cobwebs and get going again.This will be a small group of no more than six. Each member will need a suitable, playable guitar and a music stand but you do not and will not have to read music, but you must be prepared to work and practice at home. Playing guitar is a discipline that needs practice. If you are not prepared to practice at home please do not join.

The first two or three lessons we’ll touch on basics but will quickly move on to  more advanced techniques. 


For further information contact John Collyer