Guitar Lesson run by John Collyer


The aim of the group is to teach "Folk Guitar" to use as an accompaniment to sing folk songs , typically from the folk revival era of the 60's. If you are new to the guitar , or may have had contact with the guitar in the dim and distant past and forgotten everything, this is the group for you.

This will be for a small group of no more than six. Each will need a guitar but you do not and will not have to read music, but must be prepared to practice at home.

The group will start at absolute " ground zero", learn the names of the parts of the guitar, the names of the strings, how to hold and tune the guitar, and maintain it. We will look at the basic chords, scales, chord progressions and then later how to use the chords mastered to accompany some simple folk songs. We will look at strumming styles, flat-picking and even finger-picking accompaniments. The group will meet at the Centre de Loisirs -- first meeting on Tuesday 12th September 4:00pm - 5:00pm.


For further information contact John Collyer