Internal Rules




(These Internal Rules were submitted for approval of the members & adopted unanimously at the  Annual General Meeting held on Friday 11th May 2018)




1. Finances




The Association’s Financial Year is from 1st January to 31st December.




The Associations current bank account signatory is any of the Association’s Officers.




The transferring of monies between the Associations current bank account & interest earning bank account will be agreed by the Committee, prior to any such transfer.




2. Membership




The Association’s Membership year is from 1st September to 31st August.




3. Membership Subscription & Qualifications




Membership subscription fee is €10.00 per year.  If joining on, or after, 1st March the fee is €6.00




Honorary Membership may be conferred by the ACFAA Committee to:




       Those members who, in the opinion of the Committee, have contributed significant service to the Association, or




       Those individuals who represent local Associations or municipal authorities.




Honorary membership may be granted for life, or a set period, at the discretion of the Committee.




Free membership is offered to:




       Those who are 75 years old, or over, on 1st September,




       Those who are 17 years old, or younger, on the 1st September,




       To those in full-time education from the 1st September, on production of a Student Card,




       To members of the ACFAA Committee,




       To members of the ACFAA Social Sub-Committee,




       To all Group Leaders for the duration of their time as Group Leader, and




       To all Language Tutors for the duration of their teaching.






Free membership can be offered to members whom the ACFAA Committee consider are performing a valuable service to ACFAA and is valid only for the timescale in performance of such a service.




4. Officers & Committee Members




Job Descriptions for Officers & Committee member are available by contacting the Secretary.




The term of office for the President, Vice-President, Treasurer & Secretary is 4 years on a rotating basis.  Each year one position will become vacant. [2018 Treasurer, 2019 Secretary, 2020 Vice-President & 2021 President].




The term of office of the 4 members of the Committee is 4 years. Each year at least one position will become vacant. [2018 Derek Etches, 2019 Joëlle Jeffrey, 2020, Alan Godfree, 2021 Louise Lundgren].




At the first Committee meeting of each calendar year (The first Committee meeting after New Year’s Day), the Officer and Committee Member whose position is due to become vacant, will indicate whether they will be standing for re-election at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.




The positions that will become vacant each year will be advertised to the ACFAA members at least 28 days prior to the issue of the AGM Agenda.




The person/s being nominated for any Committee position, must be proposed and seconded by ACFAA members & will agree to their name being put forward.




Sections / Groups 




ACFAA provides leisure and learning activities for members by means of specialist groups.  Details of these groups are available on the ACFAA web site (

Dated 11/05/2018