Siège : Mairie – 27 Ave de la bastide – 24500 EYMET



Founded by the members and according to the current statutes of an association subject to the law of 1st July 1901 and the decree of 16th August 1901, having as its title :



This association, with unlimited lifetime, has as its aim the promotion of Franco-English harmony, in the cultural domain, in the south west of France. Its objective is the promotionand help towards the development of Franco-English and European rapport in the fields of culture, art, history, archaeology, antiques, music, language, gastronomy, architecture and European relationship. 

ARTICLE III – Siège social

The address of the association’s seat is : Mairie d’Eymet.24500 EYMET

It can be changed by a decision of the committee with ratification at a general assembly.


Association is composed of:

a. Honorary members

b. members benefactors…

c. active members or adherent

ARTICLE V – Admission

Acceptance to membership is by completion of an application form and paying the subscription.

 ARTICLE VI – Les membres

The definitions of membership classes are :

Honorary members will have given some service to the association; they do not pay subscriptions

Patrons who pay a subscription, reviewed each year at the annual general meeting

Active or associate members who pay an annual subscription

 ARTICLE VII – Radiations

Membership is terminated by

a. resignation;

b. death;

c. decision of the committee for non-payment of subscription or bad behavior. In this case the person concerned must be invited by registered letter a meeting of the committee to give an explanation. 

ARTICLE VIII – The association’s funds are derived from :

  a. Joining fees, subscriptions

b. grants from State, department and common

c. donations

 ARTICLE IX – Conseil d’Administration

The association is managed by a committee of 4 members, elected for 3 years at an AGM.

They are eligible for re-election.

The committee comprises :

1. A president

 2. A vice-president

 3. A secretary

 4. A treasurer

 If a vacancy occurs on the committee it can elect a provisional replacement. This has to be endorsed at the next general meeting of the association. The expiry of membership for those so elected is the same as for the person they replace.

 ARTICLE – X – Réunion du Conseil d’Administration

The committee shall meet at least once every six months following a call from the president or by the request of a quarter of committee members.

Decisions are taken by majority vote; in case of equal votes the president will make the casting vote.

Any committee member who, without giving an excuse, misses three consecutive meetings can be considered to have resigned.

No one can be committee member if he/she hasn’t come of age.

 ARTICLE XI – Assemblée générale ordinaire

Membership of the AGM is accorded to all members of the association. It shall meet every year.

An invitation must be sent to all members of the association at least fifteen days before the event. The agenda has to accompany the invitation.

The president, supported by members of the committee will present the state of the association.

The treasurer will report the financial situation and present a balance sheet for endorsement by the meeting.

Following this voting takes place for any retiring officers.

Decisions can be taken only on items appearing on the agenda.

 ARTICLE XII – assemblée générale extraordinaire

If needed, or by request of half + one of the members of the association the president will call an extraordinary General Meeting according to the terms of article XII.

 ARTICLE XIII – Internal Rule

 An internal rule can be made by the committee which has to be approved by a general meeting.

The rules are intended to cover points not anticipated by the statutes, particularly on internal administration.

 ARTICLE XIV : bank account

A bank account will be opened with joint signatories the president and Treasurer. In the absence of either another designated member of the committee can sign.

 ARTICLE XV: Accountant

If the association’s resources exceed the legal limit the committee must refer to an accountant.

 ARTICLE XVI – Dissolution

In the event of dissolution, demanded by minimum of two thirds of members present at a GA, one or more liquidators will be nominated and any existing assets will be devolved in conformance with article 9 of the law of 1st July 1901 and the decree of 16th August 1901.