There are a couple of items about membership that I should like to tell you about.

Firstly, as some of you know, Ian Cockrill has stood down as Membership Secretary.  His place has been taken by ACFAA member, Colin Goodall.  No doubt some of you will know Colin personally and many others of you will get to know him when registration takes place once more (see below).  Contact details regarding membership remain the same - email ACFAA Membership.

Secondly, the situation with Covid-19, and the restrictions in place to control its’ spread, means that group meetings, language classes and social activities remain suspended.  The only exception is for those groups or classes conducted by means of video conferencing or similar.

Following discussions with the mairie d’Eymet in the summer we took the decision to postpone the registration evening that would normally have taken place in late August.  At that time we were hopeful that it could take place in January 2021 and extended your membership to the end of December.  It is now clear that it will not be possible to hold a registration event in January and are planning to return to our normal calendar with registration and enrolment during August.  Accordingly as a Committee we have decided to further continue your membership until 31st August 2021 at no cost to you.  In order to keep our records up to date please email Colin with any changes in your contact details since the last registration in 2019 to ACFAA Membership.

We are having to use our contingency reserve in order to cover the lack of membership income; a situation that is only sustainable for a limited period of time.  It will be necessary to begin levying membership fees again from August 2021 if the Association is going to survive.

Thank you for your continuing support and we all hope that 2021 brings better news and an improving situation that allows the Association to resume the activities and events that we all enjoy.

With all best wishes

Claire Riley, President