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Art Group Leader - Alan Chaston

The art group gets together every Tuesday morning during term time. We have a group of about 18 regular artists with varying skills and abilities. Our aim is is to enjoy art, but also to improve and learn new techniques from each other.

Last year we were able to test out our portraiture skills with a live sitter, and we hope to do the same this year. There will be plenty of opportunities to draw and paint from nature and inanimate objects, as well as various projects working from photographic reference.

Over the summer we’ve been working on a project where a photo of Eymet was divided into 12 sections and different artists set about tackling them in their own style.

Looking forward to seeing what they can produce next year.



For further information Contact Alan Chaston


Timmy: November 2018

A pastel painting by Mary-Anne Boudreau of "Timmy" at SPA Bergerac. The painting is a gift for the adopter of this lovely, friendly dog. Mary-Anne (holding the picture) is with Timmy and Susan Durnford (A volunteer at SPA & former Treasurer of ACFAA)


Art Group exhibition 2018

The ACFAA Art Group had an exhibition at the Café des Arts in Eymet for the whole of the month of February 2018. About a dozen members of the group exhibited over two dozen works in various media, mostly pastels and watercolours. We had a very successful vernissage on the first Sunday and the Café was jam packed with people very interested to see what we do every Tuesday.