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Atelier Group Liaison: Tim Richardson

The Atelier Group began in March 2019.  The Group undertakes the manufacture of items, primarily from recycled wood, for the benefit of the residents of Eymet.  Examples include picnic seats, planters, family games, and bar furniture.  The group workshop uses space made available by the Mairie of Eymet with whom we liaise regarding the choice of projects to be undertaken.

The group meets every Wednesday morning at Garrigue, Fonroque from 10h00.

For more information, contact Tim Richardson


Our First Project

At the suggestion of the Mairie the first project undertaken was the construction of a bar for the foyer of the Espace Culturel.  Using donated materials, construction was completed in June, just in time for the performance by Cantabile, the choir of ACFAA members.

The official inauguration took place at the Espace Culturel Eymet on 16th June and was attended by the Mairie de Eymet Jérôme Betaille, ACFAA President Claire Riley and other members of the Committee.

Photographs © Ron Tillyer or /  Alan Godfree

Projects November 2019

The Atelier group showing some of their finished hard work.

Every Wednesday morning in the Keep in Eymet.