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Line Dancing Group Leaders - Polly Fellows & Caro Hartridge

Agnac Crazy Stompers is the name of the ACFAA line dancing group. We meet every Wednesday morning in the Salle de fêtes at Agnac. The mornings are run by Polly and Caro and are a huge amount of fun. We meet up with friends, we use our minds and bodies to dance and we laugh......a lot! The group is a mix of French and British plus a few others.

We do translate into French when necessary but the language of line dancing is English.

The morning starts at 9am for Absolute Beginners and progresses through until midday when we finish with Intermediate dancing. There is an additional charge for this group, in order to pay for the hall rental, which is around €10 per term per person.

This year line dancing starts on 6th September 2023

Contact Polly Fellows for further information

'The Agnac Crazy Stompers' of 2019 rehearsing their moves!