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Photography Group Leader - John Simmonds

The principal objectives of the group are to promote and encourage photography by the members and help them to improve the quality of their photos. This is done partly through presentations on artistic and technical skills and techniques. Other ways include critiques, where members present and comment on their photos, and internal competitions. Our membership ranges from professional photographers to complete novices and all are willing to help other members.

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The group also offers virtual attendance via a zoom link for those meetings that can be accommodated in this way.

We welcome both French and English members, and whilst the majority of meetings are held in English we do run a small number of meetings in French only whilst seeking to accommodate differing language capabilities as much as is possible.

The group organises public exhibitions of members' work and engages in joint meetings with other photography groups, including joint competitions.

New members are always welcome regardless of their photographic skills.

When and where? - Meetings held every Tuesday evening from 7.30 pm till 9.30 pm at the Bibliothèque, 31 Rue du Couvent, Eymet.


Members of the ACFAA Photography Group Committee

Group Leader: John Simmonds

Competition Secretary: Howard Worf

Program Secretary: Lee Hargreaves

Finance Secretary: Kate Teesdale

Contact John Simmonds for further details


Further Information

Information on competition rules, submission of photographs, and the latest programme is available on the Group web site.