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Social Games Group Leaders - Margaret & David Cowan

In the Games Group we meet almost every Friday afternoon throughout the year, from 2.30 to 5.30 pm, and it is fair to say that the social and friendly atmosphere reflects the Group’s full title of Social Games Group.

Of the original members in 2014, 6 are still regular attendees. The current active membership is 18, and our regular attendance is between 14 and 15. Of the 18, 10 are English, 2 Scottish, I Irish, 3 French,1 German and 1 Iranian.

We charge no additional fees, but we meet in members’ houses, and have a rota for providing cake or biscuits at the break in the middle of the afternoon. There are 3 or 4 members who have houses and tables/chairs to accommodate up to 17 or 18 and, for our afternoon tea and coffee break' the other members have a rota to provide cake/biscuits. Most of the games we use belong to group members, and we have one or two that have been provided by ACFAA.

The games are generally capable of being played without the need to speak any specific language, although some members do sometimes play Scrabble or it’s 3-dimensional form in French or English, or Quiddler. The games used regularly include Rummikub (we use both the 4 player and 6 player games), Carcassone, Labyrinth, Acropolyis, Sequence, Phase 10, Color Addict, Quiddler, Skibo and Canasta.

It is a very friendly and informal social group, and new members are welcome.

Contact Margaret Cowan for further information